More advanced than conventional banking

Use your money in places where conventional banking has not yet arrived.

Mercury Cash

Individual accounts and business accounts

Managing blockchain payments has never been easier, Mercury Cash is a digital payment solution that currently has more than 20,000 customers around the world, our platform allows you to make transfers, payments and currency exchange in real time and in an intuitive way between cryptocurrencies and FIAT money.

Digital wallet

“It is a tool that facilitates permanent and direct interaction between the user and his financial institution. It gradually replaces the use of cash and fosters an ecosystem of digital payments (Cryptocurrencies and FIAT) in which the consumer can use it as a means of payment and make purchases through a mobile device instantly. ”

Safe custody

Strict cumulation policies for custody and safekeeping procedures of digital assets through cold portfolios


Cryptocurrency custody is secure with our encryption levels. All private keys feature this military-grade technology that allows us to keep digital wallets safe from computer criminals.

We offer an advanced security system that allows us to have a double authentication factor with the Google application, which will prevent computer criminals from entering any system account, thus providing greater protection.

Google generates a code every 20 seconds that will validate the session upon login. It is also possible to configure a second security token for outgoing transfers, in this way it is possible to provide access to third parties without any risk of extracting unauthorized money.

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Download the App

Our service is available on iOS and Android for convenience.

Activate your widget

Our Apps have widgets to provide quick access to market prices available for Android and iOS.

Push notifications

Using the Mercury Cash App, it offers the possibility to know in real time, when a shipment is made, when a payment is received and the reception of special notifications.

General benefits

Access to a digital wallet making it easier to send money to third parties by simply using an email.

Do family and friends have wallets in Mercury Cash? Transfer is as easy as using email (email) to send or receive Transfer to other Mercury Cash users just by using the recipient`s email.


Get access to Bitcoin SegWit or Legacy addresses, Mercury Cash allows you to create up to 10 Bitcoin addresses, allowing you to get more privacy and manage payments in a more personalized way.


Mercury Cash allows you to create up to 10 Dash addresses allowing you to obtain more privacy and manage payments in a more personalized way. Mercury Cash supports the InstantSend feature of Dash providing faster transfers of this Cryptocurrency.


Mercury Cash allows you to create up to 10 Ethereum addresses allowing you to obtain more privacy and manage payments in a more personalized way, we have made Mercury Cash facilitate the receipt of payments in ETH from Ethereum addresses and smart contracts.

Reliable market prices

Mercury Cash provides reliable prices for the purchase, sale, transfer of cryptocurrencies and virtual currencies.

Products Mercury Cash
Products Mercury Cash
Products Mercury Cash
Products Mercury Cash

Deposit and send at any time

Get access to your wallets, from anywhere in the world and in any way using a computer or our App on iOS and Android.

Mercury Cash allows you to display a QR code with which you will be able to easily scan your wallet address; We also provide the option of copying and pasting the address so that you can send it to the person who will send the money.

Send money in a few clicks, just by logging in, you click "send", you provide the transaction details and that`s it.

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Account statements

Access detailed account statements by wallets or general online or download files in .pdf format, use the filters to obtain more details of specific transactions such as: deposits, shipments, purchases or sales of cryptocurrencies.

Locate the details of a transaction such as: Timestamp, TxHash, Exchange Rate, Fees, among others.

Manage your contacts

Use the contact book which we have redesigned to give you a simpler way to manage your contacts, from this section you can create contacts specifying the type of currency, a name and an email if you wish, edit an existing contact or permanently delete them from your account.

Private exchange desk (OTC)

Ideal for legal or business clients, we offer the option of providing VIP service to those who wish to make large cryptocurrency buying or selling operations with a value greater than $100,000.00. With this service we guarantee the price of your order avoiding distortion in the market due to its size.

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Products Mercury Cash
Products Mercury Cash