About us

About us

Like most startups we were born with many dreams and few resources.

Our north was straightened as we discovered what the world expected from us. Coming from countries ruined by harmful economic systems, centralized and with many restrictions, we understood that we had a great opportunity, and at the same time a great responsibility: to create a product that would leverage the economic growth of the most underdeveloped countries, cities and communities, promoting the exchange of value without barriers, and that is how Mercury Cash was born.

Having defined our goal, we began to develop the products that would give shape to our project, and this was the origin of the technological development to create a digital wallet capable of supporting fiat currencies and cryptocurrencies, and that in turn, allows immediate buying and selling between both types of currencies, thus serving as an economic bridge for all types of people and businesses anywhere in the world.


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Money Transmitter License

State of Florida, United States.

After a small development of our platform we received the first seed capital in June 2016 for a value of $200,000, the following year we obtained the Money Transmitter License in the State of Florida, United States, and launched Mercury Cash 1.0 Web, iOS and Android.

Mercury Cash Florida

Our Leadership Team

Manuel Valdés


Manuel Valdés

Team Mercury Cash


Juan Riera

Team Mercury Cash


Marco Pirrongelli

Team Mercury Cash


Santiago Merlos

Team Mercury Cash


Giordano Lugo


Icon Seed$504,000 Seed Capital 3.
Icon Mercury CashMercury Cash 2.0 Web, iOS and Android.
Mercury Gate 1.0 Web, iOS and Android.
Icon Seed+150,000,000.00 in Transactions.
Mercury Cash obtains trademark registration in the United States.
Icon Seed$887,201,40 Seed Capital 2.
Ending of the Ethereum 8.2 Gh/s mining farm.
Icon Money TransmitterMoney Transmitter License in the State of Florida, United States.
Icon Mercury Cash 1.0Mercury Cash 1.0 Web, iOS and Android.
Icon Mercury CashCompany Foundation.
Icon Seed$200,000 Seed Capital 1.

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